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  • 06 Jun 2017 10:53 AM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

    CDE History-Social Science News Update - June 2017

    Find out what is happening in California in this monthly newsletter from Janet Mann, the history, arts, and literacy consultant at the Department of Education.                     

     The June newsletter features the following:

    • Model student Civic Action Project
    • Professional development opportunities
    • A legislative update on bills that may impact H-SS curriculum, instruction, and assessment
    • H-SS Framework Conferences
    • Literature List 
    • Better Together California Teachers Summit
    • Opportunities 
    Download the newsletter here: CDE_HSSnewsletter_June2017_final.pdf

  • 21 Apr 2017 8:32 PM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

    Teachers will be excited by this new resource by Maggie Beddow and Mimi Coughlin at CSU Sacramento for 5th grade on Juan Bautista de Anza's expedition bringing settlers to California at the same time Americans in the east were declaring independence.  In addition to the resource, the Occasional Paper includes three lessons and how they were implemented in the classroom. See the material at

  • 10 Apr 2017 7:54 PM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

    California Department of Education
    2017 History-Social Science Adoption FAQ
    2017 History–Social Science Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

    2017 History–Social Science Adoption
    Draft Publisher FAQs


  • 04 Apr 2017 12:11 PM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

    Religious Holidays in Public Schools: Passover and Easter

    This article lays out ideas for teaching about the religious holidays of Easter and Passover. To build understanding of others in a diverse nation and world, it is important that students be religiously literate. At the same time, the school is not the place for students to be persuaded to a specific belief.

  • 02 Apr 2017 8:49 PM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

    CDE History-Social Science Update for April 2017

    For information about professional development opportunities, new resources, and student events related to H-SS, download and print this newsletter prepared by Janet Mann, Literacy, History, and Arts Leadership Office, California Department of Education.


  • 13 Mar 2017 1:25 PM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

    Immigration Enforcement Raids - Civil Conversation Lesson

    In today's charged political environment the issue of immigration is a critical topic of great concern to the public and students but, at the same time, it is an emotional hot potato. This lesson by the Constitutional Rights Foundation is a model for how immigration may be discussed in a civil manner in a classroom or community group. 

  • 02 Mar 2017 3:34 PM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

     Proposed H-SS Legislation, Professional Development and Instructional Resources

    March 2017
    Thank you
    to Janet Mann, Literacy, History & Arts Leadership Office, CDE

    Download and share the Newsletter with colleagues


  • 10 Feb 2017 4:42 PM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

    National Endowment for Humanities Summer Programs

    Here are over 40 NEH teacher learning programs and institutes across the country to choose from on fascinating topics in history, literature, art, culture, and more. The application process is complex but the programs are more than worth it. You learn from outstanding scholars and meet colleagues from across the country. The deadline for applications to any of the institutes is March 1st. 

  • 10 Feb 2017 4:24 PM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

    Getting Rid of Them is in the News but What is a Sanctuary City?
    by Naomi Tsu, Deputy Legal Director, Immigrant Justice Project, Southern Poverty Law Center

    February 1, 2017, Teaching Tolerance

    The definition of "sanctuary city" might surprise some people. The format is Q & A and the questions are important to understand.

  • 08 Feb 2017 1:06 PM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

    Professional Development Opportunities this Summer

    Here is a list of Summer Programs from California’s History-Social Science Project. These programs are outstanding and will increase your content knowledge, as well as support the instructional shifts in our newly adopted H-SS framework.

      History-Social Science Summer Programs 2017.pdf

    For additional information you can visit the CHSSP website at
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