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It's That Time of Year Again! - December Dilemma 2012

17 Nov 2012 4:25 PM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

Every year the month of December has the potential for being a time of conflict in today's culturally diverse schools unless we make a strong effort to remind all educators, students and parents that public schools belong to all members of the community equally. Our civic agreement in America, found in the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights, binds us to the promise to protect the right of each person to freedom of conscience. The last decades of exploding diversity has challenged California's public schools to deal creatively and sensitively with student populations representing many faiths or beliefs. Global political issues related to faith have only exacerbated the problem.

The most important piece of advice for public school educators is to remember that their mission is academic.  Where learning about diverse world religions, their ideas, traditions  and holidays fall comfortably within that mission, celebrating religious holidays in schools does not. Beginning with guidelines of religious liberty law, followed by a description of December's holidays as well as suggested materials for teaching about them, December Dilemma 2012 will be of value for all public schools. December Dilemma 2012.pdf.

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