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 Social Studies Student Events
Mock Trial Program
First Amendment Cartoon Contest
National History Day - California
National Economics Challenge
We the People - Citizen and the Constitution
We the People: Project Citizen
World of 7 Billion Video Content

American History
CRF Lessons on U.S. History Topics
National History Education Clearinghouse
Historical Thinking Matters
Reading Like a Historian Lessons
Smithsonian History Explorer
National Archives - Teacher Resources
Lessons - National Museum of the American Indian
Presidential Libraries - National Archives
McCrel Lesson Plan Library - US History
Gilder Lehrman: Institute of American History - History by Era
History Matters - US History Survey Course
History Lessons Using First Day Covers
Growth of a Nation
Religion in American History
Ford's Theater Blog

Common Core Resources
Common Core and History Social Science
Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions: One Small Change
Can Yield Big Results
World History
CRF Lessons on World History Topics
Big History Project (must register)
World History for Us All
Antiquity Now
Asia Society
Asia for Educators
Explore Byzantium
Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Early Modern Europe History Websites
MCREL Lesson Plan Library - World History
Armenian Genocide Resource Collection

Religion in World History
Free Online History Courses - Academic Earth
(Search Humanities-Select History)
 Standards & Frameworks
History-Social Science Content Standards (1998)
2016 California H-SS Curriculum Framework
California's Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts,
Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subject

Common Core State Standards Resources - LACOE
Internet Activities
ePals: Global Community
Online Expeditions and Virtual Fieldtrips
International Schools Cyber Fair
Teaching Strategies
Teaching with Primary Sources
Managing Reading and Discussions
Alternative Discussion Formats
Edutopia - Core Strategies for Innovation and Reform in Learning
Integrating HSS, ELD and Common Core - Grade 5 Road
to Revolution
Integrating HSS, ELD and Common Core - Grade 8 -
Western Expansion
Integrating HSS, ELD and Common Core - Grade 10 -
Tyranny and the Rule of Law

4th of July - Independence Day
Black History Month
2016 Black History Month Resources for Teachers.pdf
Presidents Day
Center for Civic Education's Presidents Day Page
California Native American Day
Native Americans Day State Holiday in California.pdf
Chinese New Year 2014
Constitution Day & Citizenship Day
Women's History Month
Women’s History Month 2014.pdf
September 11 - Patriots Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance
September 11-Patriot Day Resources IECSS.pdf
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur 2015
National Hispanic Heritage Month September 15-October 15
November 1 - Day of the Dead
Diwali - Festival of Lights
3Rs Teaching about Diwali 2013.pdf
Halloween in Public Schools
American Indian Heritage Month
Religious Holidays in Public Schools 2014: Passover and Easter
Memorial Day Teacher Resources
Memorial Day Teaching Resources.pdf
Jewish Heritage Month
 CRF Lessons about American Presidents
CA Council for Economic Education
EconEdLink: Economics & Personal Finance Resources K-12
Online Personal Finance Games
Financial Fitness for Life
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia - Lesson Plans
Thinkfinity - Economics and Common Core Lessons
Beyond Personal Loans and Credit Cards: Economics Explained
Online Economics Courses - Academic Earth
Economics Resources - Best Colleges
Center for Economic and Civic Education
Law Day 2017 The 14th Amendment

Bill of Rights Institute Resources
Constitutional Rights Foundation Free Lessons
MCREL Lesson Plan Library - Civics
Center for Civic Education
iCivics Curriculum Finder
EL Civics Resources
National Service Learning Clearinghouse
First Amendment Center
Teaching Democracy
Newseum Digital Classroom
California State of Mind - The Legacy of Pat Brown
Online Political Science Courses - Academic Earth
Center for Economic and Civic Education
American Government and Religion
National Constitution Center
Xpeditions Archive
MCREL Lesson Plan Library - Geography
California Geographic Alliance
Environmental Education Curriculum
CIA World Factbook
Physical Environment: An Introduction to Physical Geography
Find Your Way Through Trade
Thinkfinity - Geography you+looking+for%3F&narrow=1&chkResource[]=Lesson
The Clean Energy Voyage

Climate Changes and Questions of Justice
General Resources
California Subject Matter Projects

CA History Social Science Course Models
CLRN - California Learning Resources Network
National Council for the Social Studies
California Council for the Social Studies
Merlot - Humanities and Social Science
Teaching with the News
There Are No Bullies
World Religions

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